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Antique French Indigo Linen
Antique French Indigo Linen
Antique French Indigo Linen
Antique French Indigo Linen
Antique French Indigo Linen
Antique French Indigo Linen
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Indigo French Linen Tablecloth or Throw

This antique French linen sheet has been dyed recently using a natural indigo dye. It would make a beautiful tablecloth, throw, bed throw or could be used to upholster chairs, make cushions, curtains or blinds.

The sheet measures 2.5m long x 1.38m wide (98 inches long x 54 inches wide) .
This piece is not large enough for a bedspread but you could use it lengthways across the end of the bed as a throw.

The linen sheet is in good condition and has a heavy robust feel to it. This piece is made up of 2 sections of narrow linen (woven on a narrow loom) that have been hand stitched together. There is one area where a large patch has been added to make the sheet whole again - see the 2nd photo. This is an old repair that adds character and interest to the piece. This piece has one long edge which is white - see the 3rd photo. I think someone has removed another section of linen after it was dyed hence the white strip.

Care instructions: machine wash separately 30C

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Item code VL165

I bought this beautiful fabric in France, and thought it would make a great tablecloth or throw, it could also be used for your own sewing projects. I have made cushions and bag linings from this type of fabric and it sews up very well. The cloth has been dyed using natural indigo dyes - the colour is fast but the cloth should be washed separately. As the fabric has been dyed using natural indigo the colour is not uniform which adds a rustic air to this cloth.

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